1 in 2 brits say reliable broadband is more important than their partner

October 4, 2019 12:00:00 AM

1 in 2 brits say reliable broadband is more important than their partner

When at home, 5.1million people* use broadband every single minute. There is a new generation of Brits choosing nights in with family, staying in to indulge their online guilty pleasures, forming what TalkTalk has coined the ‘In-Crowd’.

With winter nights drawing nearer, Brits are embracing their JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) according to TalkTalk’s new research, which reveals that 1 in 4 of us admit to staying home spending hours watching funny videos of animals to wind down after a long day at work (or to hide from the cold). In fact, the report’s top 5 online guilty pleasures, as voted by British adults are:

1. Watching funny videos of animals

2. Sending people funny memes

3. Watching their favourite ‘trashy’ TV shows

4. Catching up on the latest celebrity gossip

5. Adding clothes to their shopping basket just for fun

Some of the more unusual online habits include 680,000 millennials** admitting to having a thing for watching pimple popping videos, while 30% of 18-34-year olds spend time stalking their partner/ex on social media.

The report highlights the importance of a reliable broadband connection as the majority (68%) of Brits say that they feel angry or anxious when their internet doesn’t work. This new time at home however is bringing families together for nights in, as a third of people say they spend more time at home with family and friends now that there is more online entertainment available. Half admit that their broadband helps them feel more connected to their friends and family.

TalkTalk’s ‘In-Crowd’ ambassador, Marvin Humes, spoke with the public about their time at home and their online guilty pleasures. He said: “A superfast, reliable broadband connection, like the one TalkTalk provides, helps to bring the whole family together. From the TV shows we love to stream, to the unboxing videos my little ones are obsessed with watching, as well as the way we connect with family and friends on social media. The internet is such a big part of how we unwind, and I know our family life wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s also funny that so many of our so-called guilty pleasures uncovered by TalkTalk’s research are shared by millions… so they shouldn’t really be so guilty I guess!”

Brits value their home Wi-Fi connection so much, that half admit that having fast, reliable broadband is more important to them than their partner, whilst 7 in 10 think it’s more important than their family pet or job. The report says that 2 in 5 people would rather stay in to binge-stream TV than go to the pub, while 63% of 18-34 year olds would rather stay at home and game than go on a night out.

Nick Gunga, Chief Customer Officer at TalkTalk says: Family life is made easier by the reliability of their broadband. So many of the activities we love to do at home revolve around the internet, so we need it to keep up with us. It’s why, as part of our commitment to be the fair broadband provider, we offer fast, reliable fibre broadband at an affordable price. We also promise to never increase customers monthly broadband tariff midway through their contract.”

TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre package can deliver speeds 3x faster than standard broadband. TalkTalk offers new fibre customers the Great Connection Guarantee, meaning they’re free to leave any time during the first 30 days of going live if unsatisfied with their connection.