More than 50 per cent of motorists want driving age raised to 18

October 9, 2019 10:56:36 AM

More than 50 per cent of motorists want driving age raised to 18

Fifty per cent of drivers think that the age limit on learning to drive should be raised to 18, a new survey has revealed.

A survey of 2,000 UK drivers on various aspects of the learning process found that as many as one in two British motorists think that the learning age should be raised, while just five per cent think it should be lowered to 16. However, 42 per cent of people think that the age is just fine as it is.

The research also found that 47 per cent of drivers believe that drivers shouldn’t have to retake their tests at any point, while 20 per cent think that a re-test should occur every 20 years.

With 30 per cent of drivers found to be dependent on their parents to finance their journey to a full licence, it’s unsurprising that the process costs UK parents an average of £119,841.

In addition, the survey conducted by Veygo discovered that the average UK parent spends between £3,492 and £5,274 on their child’s first car, with those in the north-west the biggest spenders in the country. Those in the south-west spend almost £2,000 less, in contrast. With 23 per cent of UK parents buying their kids their first car, it accounts for an average spend of just over £324 million per year on first cars.