3 Thanksgiving dishes to steal for your next roast

November 28, 2019 10:03:28 AM

In honour of national holiday Thanksgiving, American families across the globe are getting together to feast, give thanks, watch NFL and demolish turkey with all the trimmings.

However, trimmings  in the US can differ quite a bit from what you might traditionally see as mandatory sides for a Sunday roast.

Tired of your usual Yorkshire puddings, red cabbage, roast carrots and peas and corn? Be brave and try one of these…

1. Sweet potato casserole

We’re not saying ditch roast potatoes entirely, but if two types of spuds is more than welcome in your house, swap out mashed potatoes for a sweet potato casserole. That’s mashed sweet potatoes baked with marshmallows on top until oozy, and sprinkled with pecans. Have your dentist’s number to hand… it’s going to seriously bother your teeth.

2. Oyster stuffing

Sure, sage and onion stuffing does its job, but think of this as a kind of surf and turf with your roast bird. Oysters were a cheap and plentiful protein source for many of America’s earliest settlers, and historians have argued the bivalves would’ve been more likely on the table than turkey at that time. Baked as a stuffing, you need a crisp crumb, lots of parsley and a bit of bacon won’t go amiss either.

3. Ambrosia salad

The term ‘salad’ is used very loosely here. A super Eighties dish, Ambrosia salad tends to involved tinned mandarin slices, glace cherries, peeled grapes, marshmallows, strawberries, banana and lots of whipped cream, or, more shockingly, mayonnaise and cottage cheese. At least it might get kids eating some kind of fruit after they’ve abandoned their Brussels sprouts…