TalkTalk’s Password Manager

June 15, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Ever forgotten a password or struggled to remember your National Insurance number? Or the PIN code for your debit card? Or found it hard to log into your online bank on your mobile device? Or pay with your credit card on-the-go?

Your passwords can open your bank account and transfer your money; they can use your bank cards in dozens of online shops; they can access all of your photos and private documents you backup to cloud services; they can read all your emails; they can read everything your family and friends put privately on Facebook and Instagram; and much more.

Maybe you’re using the same password for all your accounts? Ideally, we should all use a unique password for each account and never re-use old passwords. But you’re busy. You’ll get to it later. The problem is, recycling is good for the environment, but recycling passwords compromises your online security and leaves you open to hackers.

Your passwords are in many ways more critical to your life, and to the lives of the people you care about, than your house keys and your wallet combined. And like your house keys and your wallet, you need to protect them.

Moving to a password manager, allows you to protect yourself better from bouts of amnesia, and make the everyday use of your passwords smoother. The added advantage is that now you have a password management methodology which is secure, protects your privacy, and is simple enough that you can recommend it to the people you care about.

Fortunately we have teamed up with award winning security experts F-Secure to make this super easy for you with our Password Manager app that is included as part of our SuperSafe Boost online protection. With Password Manager, you just need to remember one master password, and that’s the key to all the passwords, usernames and other credentials you keep there. Logging into online accounts is easy, because Password Manager automatically fills the password for you. So no more struggling to remember. Password Manager can also generate new passwords for you, which is really helpful if you’re stuck for ideas.

How can I get Password Manager?

TalkTalk customers just log in to My Account and select SuperSafe Boost for just £3 per month. SuperSafe Boost includes Online Defence internet security for protecting up to 10 of your family’s devices from internet nasties plus Password Manager - which is all worth over £140 a year. Once you’ve selected SuperSafe Boost, you will receive an email from F-Secure to install the app on to your devices.