7 animal influencers to follow if 2020 has all got a bit too much for you

June 30, 2020 12:30:50 PM

This year hasn’t been easy – and what many of us really need right now is some lighthearted respite.

Social media can be hit and miss on this front. But if scrolling through other people’s travel highlights, workout selfies and sunset pics is making you feel even more down, we suggest you start following some animal influencers – pronto!

From dogs and cats, to hedgehogs and horses, these adorable accounts are visual therapy in their own right. As well as some serious cute factor, following these animal influencers is guaranteed to make your feed a more inspiring and uplifting place…

1. Juniper the fox

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Judging You

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With over two million followers, Juniper isn’t your average garden fox. This North American red breed has formed a special domestic bond with her owners, happily living out her days in a family home with two dogs for company. Believe it or not, domestic foxes are kind of like cats – they love sleeping on the bed, uninterrupted tummy rubs and ‘meowing’ for attention.

2. Jill the squirrel

Adorable Jill was temporarily rescued by a family in 2012 after she fell out of her nest during a hurricane in Louisiana. Needless to say, Jill went from a ‘temporary’ house guest to a permanent fixture, and now she’s a happy and healthy internet sensation. According to her owners, Jill hates the sound of the vacuum-cleaner, but loves scampering around the sofas and soaking up the rays in a sunny spot.

3. Hamlet the pig

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Hey! How was your day?

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Hamlet is a Nashville-based therapy pet with a big personality and lots of love for her owner Melanie, who initially adopted the pig to assist with epileptic seizures. It’s clear to see that Melanie and Hamlet have become the best of friends, and when Hamlet’s not dressing up in an array of fabulous sunglasses (seriously, we’re rather jealous of her fabulous accessories), you’re most likely to find her trotting around the garden, being spoiled with cuddles, or napping in her very own indoor teepee.

4. Lionel and Lilo the hedgehogs

Charleston hedgehogs Lionel and Lilo have garnered thousands of adoring fans, thanks to their incredible selfie game. This pair of spiky pals are one of the cutest duos on the gram, and we’ve become pretty obsessed with seeing their fluffy faces on a daily basis.

5. Teddy the Shetland pony

Gorgeous Teddy is basically one giant fluff ball. Described as an ‘international heartbreaker’ on his profile, this handsome chap is not only incredibly cute, but the cheeky captions on his feed are sure to bring a smile to your face. Owners Alice and Molly have looked after Teddy since he was just a young foal, and we’ve become rather attached to seeing their regular updates of the pint-sized pony.

6. Hamilton the cat

It’s hard to believe that dapper Hamilton was part of a feral cat colony before he was rescued by his new owners. Thanks to his incredibly well-groomed kitty moustache, he’s now a star in his own right, with over 750K Instagram followers. The tash itself isn’t the work of a groomer, but a happy genetic accident that’s left Hamilton with a perfect handlebar facial hair. Unsurprisingly, he and his family are now major advocates for adopting versus shopping for your next pet.

7. Lizzie and Ally the golden retrievers

Lizzie and Ally are two gorgeous golden ladies with big hearts and lots of energy. Based in Ontario, Canada, the inseparable BFFs are often caught twinning in matching clothes, snuggling in blankets together and happily frolicking on their daily adventures. Like all good animal influencers, Lizzie and Ally always seem to have a smile on their faces, especially after they’ve found a fresh mound of snow to jump around in.