5 things everyone feels when a heatwave hits in autumn

September 14, 2020 9:36:43 AM

5 things everyone feels when a heatwave hits in autumn

In September, most of us start to gear up for autumn: we pack away summer clothes, cosy up in blankets and watch the leaves begin to turn.

However, many parts of the UK and Ireland are being hit by unexpectedly warm weather. The Met Office has said temperatures could rise to as high as 30C in the south east of England – hardly classic ‘back to school’ weather.

This comes off the back of an unusually warm summer, and even if temperatures aren’t hitting the high 20s where you are, it’s still likely to be a warmer week than you’d expect for mid-September.

Few of us are quite prepared for this heatwave though, and it’s likely we’ll be feeling similarly about it…

1. Disbelief

You’ve been refreshing the weather app on your phone approximately a million times a day for the past week, and each time it predicts glorious weather – in the middle of September. Surely it must be an error? This is when a chill in the air is meant to kick in and you start drinking pumpkin spice lattes against your better judgement, not donning your bikini and sunbathing again!

2. Shock

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This is it. It’s really happening – there’s actually going to be a heatwave. Sure, warm weather is great, but you’re not emotionally prepared for it – and haven’t booked any time off work! You’ve already packed away your summer clothes and dug out the jumpers. You can barely remember what to wear or do during hot weather.

At this point, the less than ideal aspects of a heatwave spring to mind. Being too hot to sleep, sticking to every chair you sit on – can you really go through it again?

3. Excitement

The second you feel a bit of sun on your face, your mood immediately shifts. It’s hard to be grumpy in the sunshine, plus, this really is a blessing in disguise. An unexpected heatwave this late in the year is a last-ditch opportunity to do all of your favourite summer activities – some of which you were planning to do during the actual summer months, but never quite got round to.

Whether it’s having a BBQ, sunbathing in the park or booking a swim at a lido, you know you only have a couple of days to make the most of this weather, so you better get to it. Plus, not everyone saw the new sundress you bought this year; now’s your chance to wear it again.

4. Happiness

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There’s no doubt sunshine is an instant mood booster – it’s thought to release the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin in your brain. And with months of rain, shorter, darker days and cold nights on the horizon (hello winter), this is likely our last chance to go bare legged and eat ice lollies outdoors. Soak up that vitamin D people.

5. Contemplation

These kinds of temperatures in the middle of September feel… a bit off. A heatwave is to be enjoyed as much as possible, of course, but you can’t ignore the very present issue of global warming, especially when California is still ablaze. It also gets you thinking about some of the bigger issues at hand, and what you can do on a personal level to help.