Things you only know if you love a bargain

October 17, 2020 7:00:01 AM

Things you only know if you love a bargain

People can broadly be divided into two groups: those who buy things at first sight, and those who wait.

If you’re in the latter group, you’re likely to be a bargain hunter. Instead of making a purchase immediately, you’ll hunt around to make sure you’re getting the absolute best price out there.

The bargain hunter life can be an all-consuming one, but it’s great for your bank balance. If you recognise any of these signs, chances are you’re obsessed with getting a steal of a deal…

There’s such a thing as a ‘bargain high’

You know you’re addicted to the sales when you get the specific euphoria that comes with buying something half price. Yes, you’re excited for your new purchase, but this feeling is pure, unadulterated joy, as a result of nabbing a bargain. It somehow feels you’re cheating the system, but it’s totally legit.

You save so much money

In fact, you can’t even really remember the last time you paid full price for something…

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You’re keen to tell everyone about your prowess

If a friend compliments a top, instead of saying, ‘Thanks!’ and leaving it at that, you’re far more likely to launch into the full tale of where you got it from and how much money you knocked off the original price.

Your friends all come to you for tips

You know every hack in the book when it comes to bargains – and your friends love you for that. If they’re looking to buy a new sofa, you’ve probably got a voucher to help them out, or if they’re after a certain TV, you can tell them which shop sells the same model at a cheaper price. Your knowledge of bargains is encyclopaedic.

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You’re not afraid to haggle

Some people can’t think of anything worse than haggling, but it’s basically second nature to you.

Your purse is full of coupons

It seems everyone’s wallets are getting slimmer and slimmer, as we tend to carry about one card and maybe a driver’s license. But not you – your purse is full to the brim with coupons. You never know when you might need them, and they guarantee you’ll get some great discounts.

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You have to be savvy

By now, you know not all bargains are created equal. A lot of them are actually ploys by companies trying to encourage you to buy more stuff – you can almost always sort the real deals from the duds.

Occasionally you over-buy

However, not everyone’s perfect – the problem with being addicted to bargains is the potential to get carried away. Maybe you ended up putting a few more things in your basket to get free shipping, or perhaps you bought something purely because it was heavily reduced – every so often you end up with items you didn’t really want or need, drawn in by the allure of a bargain.

You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty

Some people avoid the Boxing Day sales like the plague, but not you. Instead, it’s a highlight of your year, and you train for it like you’re going to the bargain-based Olympics.

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You get pangs of guilt occasionally

At its core, a good bargain is still about consumerism – and every so often you need to remind yourself to be mindful of what you buy, and not just load your online basket up with things that could potentially harm the environment. Getting a good deal is great for your bank balance – but you have to make sure it’s worth it for the planet as well.