Office jargon is infiltrating home life, new study reveals

November 11, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Office jargon is infiltrating home life, new study reveals

As Brits settle into Lockdown 2.0, working from home continues to be the new normal for millions of office workers; a new study has revealed that office jargon is increasingly being used at the kitchen table, on the sofa and at bedtime.

A poll, undertaken by connectivity provider TalkTalk, looked at the office jargon that has infiltrated our home lives the most, identifying ‘touch base’, ‘no brainer’, ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘moving the goal posts’ among the phrases that had made the transition from work to personal life.

The most commonly heard workplace jargon in the home:

  • 1.Going forward – 34%
  • 2.Touch base – 33%
  • 3.No brainer – 28%
  • 4.Brainstorm – 29%
  • 5.Thinking outside the box – 28%
  • 6.On the same page – 25%
  • 7.On my radar – 24%
  • 8.Hit the ground running – 21%
  • 9.Singing from the same hymn sheet – 19%
  • 10.Moving the goal posts – 19%

Caroline Taggart, author of Misadventures in the English Language said: “We pick up an expression at work or in the media and unconsciously begin using it ourselves. We’re stuck with it before we realise we’ve even adopted it, no matter where we are. Our lives are more blurred than ever and with no commute to help our brain switch from work-to-home mode, it’s no surprise we forget to ditch the jargon when we log off.”

TalkTalk has seen a 40% increase in internet usage this year as much of Britain’s office workforce transitions to home working. This looks set to continue after TalkTalk recorded a huge spike in network traffic on the first day of the second English lockdown. Usage on Thursday 5th November peaked at 6.46Tb/s – the equivalent to delivering 540 hours of HD video per second – which is significantly higher than the surge brought on by the start of the first national lockdown in March.

With over half (54%) of us not expecting to return to work in the office full time, it appears that the use of office speak in the home could be here to stay.

Sian Doyle, TalkTalk Consumer Managing Director, said: “Many of us have discovered the benefits to more flexible working this year, although we may want to spare ourselves from all the office jargon at the dinner table. As the home office looks set to stay, we’re constantly striving to provide the UK’s home workers with fast, reliable connectivity that gives them the flexibility to work wherever they want in the home.”

“Our new Homeworker package provides peace of mind for those who want to ‘touch base’ with colleagues over Zoom, without having to worry about the housemate’s Netflix binge or kid’s gaming marathon interrupting their internet connection.”

TalkTalk’s Homeworker package offers a separate business-grade fibre line into your home. So, for those of you who want to ‘swim in your lanes’ or ‘hit the ground running’, you can rest assured knowing that your usage won’t interrupt your family’s, partner’s or housemate’s connection.

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