8 of the most controversial food and drink questions you’ll have to answer this Christmas

December 1, 2020 2:36:46 PM

8 of the most controversial food and drink questions you’ll have to answer this Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is officially on, and there’s only one thing on our mind: food.

We’d argue there’s nothing better than festive food – plus, it will soon become socially acceptable to start eating Celebrations at 10am.

It’s now time to start planning your Christmas dinner – which means there’s plenty of divisive food and drink questions you’ll need to think about…

1. Should eggnog be served?

Christmas and eggnog are a match made in heaven, but we have to ask the question: does anyone actually enjoy drinking it? We’d argue raw eggs shouldn’t ever be mixed with booze, but it’s always served during the holidays. Maybe it would be better to stick to mulled wine this year…

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2. Stuffing: frozen or fresh?

With so much cooking to do on the big day, everyone’s looking for ways to make life easier. But will frozen stuffing balls satisfy in the same way a home-cooked batch would?

3. Will you have marzipan on your Christmas cake?

Our vote on this is always no, and you can’t change our mind.

4. Christmas pudding: yes or no?

Christmas puddings are another of those traditional dishes that have to be served on December 25. While some people love the boozy, fruity, dense cake, others will steer well clear of it. Why bother when you can have a slice of Yule log instead?

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5. What about bread sauce?

We’re not quite sure who came up with the idea of bread sauce – we’d prefer our bread in sandwiches, rather than poured over Christmas dinner. However, some people just can’t eat a festive lunch without it.

6. And Yorkshire puddings?

No roast dinner is complete without Yorkshire puds, but Christmas isn’t your average Sunday lunch at the pub. For this reason, some people don’t think Yorkshire puddings have a place on the festive table. We, however, would argue they’re delicious, so why wouldn’t you want to eat them?

7. Are Brussels sprouts actually good?

When you’re a child, Brussels sprouts are the worst part of Christmas. However, most adults have levelled up and realised they’re actually delicious, particularly when roasted so the edges get crispy.

A word of warning: sprouts need to be cooked with love, otherwise they’ll end up soggy and destined for the bin.

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8. And finally… what about the turkey?

Yes, it’s traditional to have turkey on Christmas day – apparently the custom dates all the way back to Henry VIII. However, most of us don’t touch turkey for the other 364 days a year – so why should we tuck in on December 25? This is possibly the toughest question you’ll have to face: do you stick to tradition or try something new?